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 We introduce you 360º FOR KIDS 

An especial activity for schools that merges education, technology and fun. 


DOMO is the only immersive technological space in the center of Madrid with an educational 360-degree cinema program for children of different ages.

The Visit:

The Dome, a geodesic structure with the dome projected 360º (similar to a planetarium), is located in the gardens of the UPM: ETSIAAB Universidad inside Ciudad Universitaria.


A quiet, safe space with parking for buses

Tickets include a mid-morning snack option.

 These are 3 of our movies:


Subject: Animals, Ocean.

Language: English / Spanish

Bringing together an intriguing plot about an endangered reef with unique and quirky characters as well as an environmental cause, The Enchanted Reef is an enlightening adventure, full of humor, peppered with conservationism as well as educational flavor: a delight for all children.

A reef in danger of extinction... a lunar riddle... two fish on a mission!


Subject to be covered: Biology.

Language: Spanish / English

Exciting and informative at the same time. The Life of Trees tells us about the fascinating world of trees and shows us the importance of plants for life on earth, their different parts, how they transport water, the process of photosynthesis, etc.

The story is introduced by two adorable animated characters: a ladybug named Dolores and a firefly named Mike.


Subject: Physics.

Language: Spanish / English


Why do things fall to the ground without magic? The young apprentice magician LIMBRADUR is much more interested in the universe and its secrets than in his own magic spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. And one night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum, where he meets ALBYX3, a small, intelligent but rather peculiar robot who knows all about Albert Einstein and his theories.

 ¿Not in Madrid? 

 The Dome goes to you 

Captura de pantalla 2022-01-27 a las 9.41.56.png

We have domes of different diameters that can be mounted both inside and outside the school or institute. Tell us the needs of your institution and we will recommend the best solution.

¿Do you want any content in particular?

We have an extensive database with educational films that touch on different topics; science, nature, entertainment, art, climate change, sustainability ... Ask us to find the best content for your students.

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