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Damian Force Dome Show

Dates: Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November 2021.

Immersive Music Concert, visual concert with 360 projections

In the most innovative space in Madrid, DOMO 360. The musical show contains a digital piece of contemporary art that was created over 3 years with the latest 3D technology in 360.

It is now being presented for the first time in Madrid, the European city of contemporary art.

In an unprecedented show, the Damian Force team launches Damian Force Dome Show!

45 minutes of contemporary music in synergy with images and 360 videos that offer a reaction to sound that you can only experience with the Damian Force Dome Show.

What you will see: The music producer, MC, vocalist, costumes created uniquely and especially for this magnificent show of full immersion in 3D reality without the need for glasses created to break the limits of all human fantasy.

Dates: October 8, 9 and 10.

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